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Project Management

Intense Projects help their clients in mitigating risk and ensuring finest technology results with their proven project management services by means of supreme understanding of wide range of challenges and technologies linked with advanced IT initiatives..

With incredible experience in bringing advanced IT initiatives, we provide tailored and bespoke IT project management methodologies that are precise to our client’s needs and requirements.

With our highly experienced and certified engineers, we will help your company in effectively planning, managing and executing most complex IT initiatives.

Some of the key features of Intense Projects IT Project Management services are:

  • Proven project management methodologies
  • Industry standard and best practices
  • Highly experienced and certified IT engineers
  • Testing and monitoring for ensuring optimal IT performance
  • Day-to-day operational managment

At Intense Projects, we drive the value of your enterprise’s technology investments by implementing seamless execution of your sophisticated IT initiatives. Let Intense Projects’s IT project management professionals help you with your next IT project.

Our PMs indicate abnormal state of objectivity in running your tasks. With regards to starting thoughts they get purchase ins first from our engineers to continue with arranging correspondence and creating documentation. They precisely oversee errands at the execution arrange, control reconciliation, and further support.

What is project management?

Project management can be defined as the discipline of applying specific processes and principles to initiate, plan, execute and manage the way that new initiatives or changes are implemented within an organization. Project management is different to management of business as usual activity, which is an ongoing process, as it involves creating new work packages to achieve agreed ends or goals.

Key components of project management are:

  • Time – the intended duration of the work
  • Cost – the budget allocated for the work
  • Scope – what innovations or changes will be delivered by the project
  • Quality – the standard of the outcome of the project.

Project management stages

Although there are different project management methodologies and approaches, most projects follow these stages:

  • Initiating the project – the project manager defines what the project will achieve and realize, working with the project sponsor and stakeholders to agree deliverables.
  • Planning – the project manager records all the tasks and assigns deadlines for each as well as stating the relationships and dependencies between each activity.
  • Execution –the project manager builds the project team and also collects and allocates the resources and budget available to specific tasks.
  • Monitoring – the project manager oversees the progress of project work and updates the project plans to reflect actual performance.
  • Closing – the project manager ensures the outputs delivered by the project are accepted by the business and closes down the project team.