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Cloud Native Application

Stable ventures are being disturbed by organizations with programming at their center that have speed of advancement, constantly accessible administrations, Web scale and portable driven client encounters, empowered by cloud-local application models.

Concentrating on dexterity, execution, flexibility and data security, our cloud-local application planners consolidate the one of a kind parts of cloud stages with the standards of DevOps and Continuous Delivery to guarantee quick improvement, sending and application administration.

Overseen Cloud Operations to guarantee all day, every day Business Continuity

We deal with the wellbeing, execution and security of any picked cloud benefit guaranteeing lessened forthright speculation and unsurprising on-going IT costs. From setup to arrangement and with dynamic checking we guarantee that cost and execution are improved. We guarantee business nimbleness by utilizing cloud components and operations computerization, alongside proactive, prescient and responsive administration confirmation and end-to-end security. This basically implies you decrease introduction to costly errors while guaranteeing adaptability amid business advancement.

Cloud computing, often referred to as simply "the cloud," is the delivery of on-demand computing resources - everything from applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and Intense Projects computers - over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis. The cloud gives you access to almost unlimited server power to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities, and build a strong IT infrastructure to accommodate business growth.

At Intense Projects, we help enterprises become intuitively digital by using cloud computing outsourcing services as part of a foundation to drive market leadership and business innovation.

Delivering Tangible Cloud Benefits Faster and Easier

Our offshore cloud computing services put you in control of your IT infrastructure with the following features:


Benefit from a dedicated data center, network architectures, and well-established operational processes built to meet your security requirements. Get the flexibility and agility across security controls.

Private, Isolated Resources

Choose the right level of isolation for your enterprise applications. You can either leverage complete cloud computing resources or customize them as per your unique business needs and regulatory compliance.


Move sensitive data from your internal storage to the cloud while maintaining complete security, control and protection. Our robust cloud infrastructure enables you to meet industry-specific compliance.


Integrate your on-premise IT infrastructure with the cloud to simplify the migration and management of applications. Build hybrid IT architectures with rich controls, data integration and deployment capabilities.

At Intense Projects, we offer a full spectrum of offshore cloud computing services in India to enhance your existing IT infrastructure.

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