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We are looking for talented professionals who can work in teams in technical and management disciplines. Leadership qualities and collaborative skills are two basic soft-skills we look for in each of our associates. We also hire experienced professionals and domain experts to hold various middle management and senior positions.

All our products and solutions are primarily built around the most advanced enterprise Java web technologies including Spring MVC, Hibernate, Restful Web Services, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, etc.; Android, iOS mobile technologies etc.; database servers including Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL etc.; big data technologies including Hadoop, Pentaho, Storm, etc.

Help Drive the Future of Product Development

Every team member at Intense Projects has the core focus on driving better business results by helping companies gain insight from all aspects that make them faster and smarter at every ferment.

Be a Continuous learner from the best

You will never stop learning to be by a miscellanea of talented people at various levels which helps face challenges and tackle problems to further improve the Quality at our place.

You are surrounded with Brilliant people

You will get to meet associates who are like-minded, smart, creative, ambitious and who care and crave for an open environment, leaving politics behind, at the entrance door.

We Know the Art of Blending Friendly & Professional Behaviour

Professionalism is an important aspect of work; however, we never miss to add a flavor of enjoyment, relaxation & pleasure to our working environment. Our aim is to grow and let grow without hassles and boredom in a more stylish and modest way.

Our delightful captured memories of fun, running parallel with work, depicts the reality to whatever said. Work with us & you’ll always use beautiful words to explain your career growth journey hr@Intense Projectsinfo.com